Anji: Implement "Three converging forces" to achieve the traditional manufacturing industry "break cocoon into butterfly"

In recent years, Anji county as the province's traditional manufacturing sub-industry provincial pilot, focusing on "intelligent manufacturing upgrade, marketing innovation, factor guarantee", actively promote the transformation and upgrading of traditional manufacturing to 2.0 version iteration upgrade, achieve chair industry and other traditional manufacturing "break cocoon into butterfly". In 2020, the pilot project of Anji furniture and bamboo and wood products ranked first in the provincial pilot project of traditional manufacturing industry comprehensive evaluation in the province, and successfully established the national demonstration base of new industrialization industry.

Gather force wisdom build upgrade

Stimulate "New vitality" in industrial development

Promote the construction of "intelligent warehousing" project

In view of the large volume of goods in the chair industry and the high proportion of storage space, Anji has supported a number of leading enterprises such as Henglin, Hutong and Zhongyuan to implement the "intelligent warehousing" construction project, adding a total of 470,000 cubic meters of effective storage space. For example, Zhongyuan Household spent nearly 100 million yuan to build a "black lamp warehouse" with a height of 35 meters and an area of 6,000 square meters. Designed and developed in cooperation with University of Duisburg-Essen in Germany, the whole process of unmanned operation can be realized with the application of manipulator, stacker and other equipment. The storage capacity is expected to be increased by more than 4 times, and the personnel saving ratio is 1:85.

The special action of "replacing people with machines" was carried out

In view of the difficulty of returning employees to work during the epidemic period, we will focus on the key links and processes that restrict the production efficiency of enterprises, such as automatic glue spraying and automatic drilling, and implement a special action plan to vigorously promote the "machine replacement". In 2020, China implemented 36 "machine replacement" projects, with an investment of 1.74 billion yuan. A total of 860 sets of industrial robots were purchased, 244% more than last year. By lowering the eligibility threshold and raising the subsidy standard, we will encourage home furnishing enterprises to continuously improve their quality and efficiency. Last year, a total of 18 million yuan of subsidies for home furnishing enterprises.

Promote "four-in-one" green manufacturing

Seize the opportunity of carbon peak, actively promote the green transformation of traditional industries, and build a green manufacturing system of green products, green factories, green parks and green supply chains. We vigorously promoted the application of new technologies, processes and equipment, and carried out cleaner production technology upgrading, with the coverage of star-rated green factories reaching 100%. In 2020, Anji has achieved "zero breakthrough" in national green park and green design demonstration enterprise of industrial products (Yongyi Household), and created 4 national green factories in total.

Focus on marketing innovation

Diversify into "new Markets"

Implement "luminous battle" to promote export

In the face of the sudden outbreak of the epidemic, the demand for office chairs surged as a result of the home office tide. Anji formulated and issued the implementation plan of the special action of "Night Light Meeting battle" to guide enterprises to open the "night mode" and gave policy subsidies. For enterprises whose electricity load exceeds 30 percent of the average daily load at around 8 o 'clock every night, they will be subsidized for electricity price and night post by ladder and classification, greatly reducing the burden on enterprises. Many cross-border e-commerce training and lecture activities were held to expand the market and promote export sales. In 2020, Anji Green Home achieved self-run export of 33.84 billion yuan, and cross-border e-commerce transaction volume increased by 80.3%.

Strengthen brand promotion and promote domestic sales

Deepen the promotion of regional brands and strengthen the layout and operation of the domestic market. With the name of beijing-Shanghai line, Beijing-Nanning, Guangzhou-Chaoshan and other popular high-speed railway lines, the "Anji Chair Ye" high-speed railway covers the whole area from south to north. Accelerate the promotion of "Anji Chair Industry" public brand "one billion people in one city" broadcast influence plan. At present, the company has cooperated with the voice of Zhejiang Transportation and put "Anji Chair Industry" brand advertising. The total investment in public brand promotion exceeded 20 million yuan.

Nominations for international competitions

Enhance the influence of cluster through international design competition. For 6 consecutive years, it has held "Anji Chair Industry Cup" International Seat Design Grand Prix, National University Bamboo Design and Construction Contest, and "Liangshan Cup" International Bamboo Product Creative Design Grand Prix, attracting a large number of top green home design talents to participate in the industrial development. Accelerate the construction of "Chair Industry Design Productivity Promotion Center", and realize all-round accurate services from product "design and research" to "mass production into the market". Up to now, anji County green home enterprises have more than 260 effective invention patents, and many enterprises have won German design Award, International Red Dot Award, iF Design Award and other international awards.

Cohesion factor guarantee

Build a "New Highland" for Industrial services

Establish "six one" working mechanism

According to the "six one" mechanism of "one industry, one plan, one special class, one fund, one policy, and one think tank", precise support was given to the two leading industries of chair industry and bamboo industry. The special cultivation policies of "Provincial Special Subsidy Funds for Improving The Value Assignment Ability of Green Home Industrial Design" and "Provincial Special Subsidy Funds for pilot projects in different industries for Upgrading traditional Industries" have been formulated and issued successively, and special funds for chair and bamboo have been set up with 10 million yuan each. Over the past three years, a total of 150 million yuan has been allocated to support policies for digital transformation of traditional manufacturing industries and key generic technologies.

We will build a "1+N" industrial development platform

With the green home industrial park in the development Zone as the core, "N" supporting small and micro enterprise parks were built. In the whole year, 2 new small and micro enterprise parks and 235 enterprises were settled, with a total investment of 1.31 billion yuan. Small and micro enterprise parks focusing on industrial design, service consulting and other producer services will be built to create a platform system with clear industry, intensive and efficient development and coordination. In 2020, Anji County green Home Furnishing Industry platform was awarded the national New-type industrial Demonstration Base and national Green Park, successfully realizing the double "zero" breakthrough of national platform.

Build a one-stop service system

Accelerate the construction of Anji Chair Art innovation service complex, successively gather national chair industry testing center and provincial chair industry technology innovation service platform, accelerate the construction of national intelligent seat inspection and testing center, China Anji (Green Home) intellectual property rapid rights protection center. For the county chair industry and related parts enterprises to provide patent agency, policy consulting, project declaration, inspection and testing, human market and other "one-stop" services, a total of more than 600 service enterprises, for enterprises to transport more than 20,000 professional staff.