How to improve the quality of small and micro enterprises in chair industry? Anji in Zhejiang province has a clever idea

Quality certification is also known as the "physical examination certificate" of quality management, the "letter of credit" of market economy and the "pass" of international trade. The improvement of quality management system certification can help enterprises improve service quality and corporate reputation, and expand market share.

Anji County, Huzhou City, Zhejiang Province declared "on the development of the chair industry small and micro enterprises quality management system certification to improve the pilot program", ranked first in the comprehensive results, successfully selected in Zhejiang province to focus on the support of 24 quality improvement pilot industries. What has been achieved since the program was implemented eight months ago?

Targeted and gradient measures to foster high-growth enterprises

Anji, zhejiang province, known as the "home of chair industry", is an office chair manufacturing base. There are more than 700 chair manufacturing enterprises in the county, and more than 200 enterprises above the scale. At present, henglin Shares, Yongyi shares and Zhongyuan Home furnishing are all local enterprises in Anji.

At present, anji county chair industry is still showing the trend of polarization between large and medium-sized enterprises and small and micro enterprises, due to the lack of quality management personnel and inspection personnel, export product quality risk and quality management cost control problems, small and micro enterprises to improve quality and efficiency to be further improved.

A good first move, a good initiative battle. In order to improve the quality of small and micro enterprises as an opportunity, Anji County Market Supervision Administration (hereinafter referred to as Anji County Market Supervision Bureau) jointly with China Quality Certification Center Hangzhou branch, Zhejiang Chair industry testing center formed an expert group, to carry out a series of field research.

"Government Procurement Information" reporter learned that since the launch of the "promotion action", so far, anji County market supervision bureau has visited 35 small and micro enterprises in the chair industry, and collected 17 kinds of problems reflected by enterprises. In addition, a detailed list of Key quality problems has been formed by collecting and analyzing the data information from field research and combining with questionnaire survey.

Considering the basic condition, enterprise quality problems of the type and improve demand is different, the panel select 40 chairs industry enterprises, as the "boost" the focus of the object, and in accordance with the basic set up and running the quality management system, passed the quality system certification and quality management system construction model three stages of development, to establish "quality improved gradient cultivating list", Classification management.

One to one help to improve quality management

For small micro enterprise authors truly help chair industry quality, solve the pain points and difficult problems in the process of actual operation, market supervision bureau in anji county, also in the process of on-site service, to the enterprise launched a one-to-one support services: straighten out the enterprise design, production, inspection, warehousing and sales involved in the whole process quality management activities, make the lifting scheme; Carry out 5S diagnosis on the management requirements of basic identification, regional identification, warehouse bracket, quality inspection equipment and equipment status of the production site of enterprises, effectively improve the efficiency of logistics turnover and reduce the production management cost of enterprises; For enterprises to provide quality management system internal auditor training, to help enterprises improve the quality management level.

At the same time, Anji County market supervision bureau also organized the county chair industry small and micro enterprises, using the "small and micro enterprise quality management system certification to enhance the action service platform" and "million enterprises total quality management training platform", as well as the related network courses to carry out online knowledge learning.

In the government procurement project, if the quality, environmental protection, health and other elements of furniture are involved, the purchaser can take the relevant quality management system certification as the scoring item.

As the brand cultivation department, Anji County Market Supervision Bureau around the chair industry small and micro enterprises in the quality concept, system construction, quality management and technology and other aspects of the short board and bottleneck problems, door-to-door accurate service. Actively guide enterprises from low-end OEM to independent brand creation, from price competition to brand competition, give full play to the typical demonstration leading role, in promoting the high-quality development of the chair industry, show new actions and new responsibilities.